Film Poster for “Shadows”
January, 29 2015        Posted By Sabrina        Comments Off on Film Poster for “Shadows”

Here’s a poster for the film “Shadows”

30 exclusive photos from “Shadows”
January, 29 2015        Posted By Veronique        Comments Off on 30 exclusive photos from “Shadows”

A big thanks to Kyle, Corey’s brother, for sending me these exclusive photos from “Shadows”. A short film they both worked on together. The short film will be released very soon! Photography by Krissy Walker. Click on the photo below to go see all 30 exclusive photos in the gallery:

CoreyConnection is back!
January, 23 2015        Posted By Veronique        Comments Off on CoreyConnection is back!

Sabrina and I (Veronique) are happy to inform you that CoreyConnection is back online! A big thanks to Flaunt Network for hosting us!

We are currently working really hard to get all the photos back in the gallery. Because unfortunately we lost a lot of the photos from the old site. But not to worry, we’re sure that in a few weeks the gallery will be full of Corey pictures!

We would like to thank Natalie for the wonderful website and gallery layouts.